Hidden Gems: Where to Find Great Plant Deals

Buying plants is fun! and expensive…

While I am a huge fan of my local nurseries and plant shops, that’s not usually where I find the real hidden gems. I’m talking $10 for a $80 Bonsai, $1 Dracaenas, $40 massive Snake plants, $6 Rubber Plants – c’mon is there anything sweeter than a good plant deal?

From grocery stores to flea markets, you can find amazing plants in so many hidden spots if you just keep your eyes open. Incase you’re lazy to look, I’ve rounded up some of my top places to find lush, healthy (sometimes rare) plants for amazing price.


Let’s be real…this is no secret. If you have not yet heard, let it be known, IKEA is KEY for plant gems. My $10 Bonsai and my $1 Dracaena are my top IKEA plant purchases, but I’ve seen wins from my plant friends all over the world — Calathea Orbifolia, Pineapple plants, Fiddles, Palms and Cacti. Its a total gamble, but given the prices, you can’t really lose! Plus, if you don’t get a plant, your bound to walk of there with something else and for sure get some IKEA lunch lol

2. Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s by me always has beautiful plants, usually under a $10 price point. I’ve only purchased this $6 Rubber Plant and some succulents, but I alwaysss stop to take a look when I do grocery shopping. The plants always look healthy and I’ve spotted deals on Sansevierias, Begonias, Peace Lilies, even little lemon and olive trees.

3. Hardware Store

Your local hardware store probably has some really cool plants! In San Francisco, I love Cole Hardware — Ace Hardware also has options. I purchased most of my beginner plants from here because they were affordable and healthy and also because it felt a bit less intimidating than a plant shop.

My wins include $6 thriving fern (pictured), $25 10″ Sanseveria, a lush Pothos Njoy, and my infamous Pothos that I used to create my living wall (check out my Instagram, if you haven’t seen it)

4. Facebook Marketplace

While I haven’t actually purchased any plants from Facebook Marketplace, I know so many people who have scored big here. I’m talking free plants that are 25+ years old and $15 8 ft Fiddles – sounds like a win to me!

I also think there’s something to be said about getting a plant from someone who really cared for it before you versus just buying one from a plant shop. Adopt don’t shop? lol


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